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Welcome to The Hoodie Store! We love hoodies and cant wait to send them to our future customers all over the world! So I thought now would be the perfect time to share some of our vision and plans for the future. We will begin by finding and stocking the best hoodies we can find that are not brand names like Nike or Adidas. We will source those brands in the not too distant future of course. But to begin with primarily we want to bring you hoodies that you haven't seen before but that are nice and an affordable price. We discovered some awesome suppliers who have hoodies that we haven't seen in any mall or brick and mortar stores, and no one seems to know about them. So thats the onus of Step 1. Pump out hoodies that you haven't (hopefully) seen before. With good quality and affordable prices. Step 2. Once we exhaust our options there then we will start selling the brand stuff like Nike Hoodies, Adidas hoodies, Under Armour hoodies, basically as many as we can possibly find. (Which should take a while). However we are going to choose only the best. The best taste in fashion and quality. Then Step 3. In the process of sourcing all these great hoodies we want to become the worlds 'go to' hoodie specialists. This will take some time of course as we build our customer base. But the process will be fun as we discover cool hoodies and share them with all of our great customers. For us, sourcing hoodies is fun! So we're going to do it for you, and collate them all in one place. The Hoodie Store! Then you can find your own styles and tastes super easy. 

So anyway, we have some awesome ideas and hopefully we can put them all to action and help you find your next favourite hoodie :)

Geoff Lomas (The Hoodie Store owner)

Check out our first FEATURE hoodie....right here :)