1) How long will my order take to arrive?

Typically it will take 2-3 weeks, however due to major disruptions because of Covid-19 it can take 5 weeks and sometimes more for orders to arrive from overseas. ( Most orders come from overseas )

Hoodies in the Express Delivery section of the store will usually take 3-5 business days. ( These orders come from within Australia ) See this section below;



2) Why are orders taking longer at the moment?

Orders are taking longer because of the effects of Covid-19, this means that items have longer than normal transit times when transiting overseas on their way to Australia ( most orders come from overseas), also when going through Australian customs and being delayed while going through the Australia post system. Please see Australia post information below;


Please note: The Hoodie Store has no control whatsoever over how fast items are being shipped, once the item is handed over to the relevant shipping company we cannot control how fast it ships, so please keep this in mind when communicating with us. 

If you wish to receive an item faster, you have 2 options:

a) Choose a Hoodie from the Express Delivery Section in our store


b) Contact us when you make an order and request faster delivery, please be aware this will cost more because shipping companies charge considerably higher prices for items to be shipped faster. Please be aware that shipping faster than 2 weeks may not be available for some hoodies.